Other Rituals

I notice that there are entries for things like “Monastic Ritual” and “Exorcist Ritual” skills in the lifepaths, but no individual entries. I presume that it works much like the various History skills in that the “Ritual” entry acts as an umbrella. However, I’m not entirely convinced I could map the tests for those skills to the proper Obs. In fact, I can’t at this moment even think of more than one Exorcist ritual. Could someone supply me a sample Ob list, perhaps?

Exorcist ritual is listed as a training skill. Then in the traits section Exorcism Ritualist is a trait that grants +1D to Faith tests for exorcisms. I think this might have been an oversight in the transfer of things from BWR -> BWG. It makes me think of the change to Geometric which was previously a training skill and is now a trait. This is confirmed by the Errata.

Monastic Ritual might likewise mean the Monastic trait but that’s not mentioned in the errata.

Damn it.

Those are both errata.

Double damn it.

Use the traits and the regular ritual skill.