Our Characters

So, my players made some characters tonight. Here’s what they came up with…

Age: 20
Home: Sprucetuck
Fur Color: Brown
Guard Rank: Guradmouse
Cloak Color: Spring Green

Parents: Finn & Kearra (Insectrists)
Senior Artisan: Brynn (Apiarist)
Mentor: Uncle Liam (Hunter)
Friend: Conner (Healer - Sprucetuck)
Enemy: Daewn (Hunter - Wolfepoint)

Nature (Mouse): 5
Will: 3
Health: 5
Resources: 3
Circles: 4

Belief: With knowledge comes responsibility.
Instinct: Always write down the details.
Skills: Apiarist 2, Fighter 3, Healer 3, Hunter 5, Insecrist 2, Loremouse 2, Persuader 2, Survivalist 2, Herb-wise, Predator-wise 2
Traits: Inquisitve 1, Sharp-Eyed 2
Gear: Pair of daggers, herb pouches, satchel for notebook, quill and ink

Age: 19
Home: Copperwood
Fur Color: Black
Guard Rank: Guradmouse
Cloak Color: Brown

Parents: Kole & Lilly (Armorer)
Senior Artisan: Jared (Cartographer)
Mentor: Berley (Fighter)
Friend: Whistler (Brewer - Lockhaven)
Enemy: Hedric (Apairist - Shorestone)

Nature (Mouse): 4
Will: 3
Health: 5
Resources: 5
Circles: 1

Belief: The law of nature outweighs the law of rule.
Instinct: Take action when others are threatened.
Skills: Armorer 2, Cartographer 2, Deceiver 2, Fighter 5, Hunter 2, Pathfinder 3, Scout 2, Smith 2, Survivalist 2, Tunnel-wise 2, Weasel-wise 2
Traits: Independant 1, Sharp Teeth 1, Tough 1
Gear: Hammer, maps, string, candles (flint + steel), knife

Age: 21
Home: Barkstone
Fur Color: Brown
Guard Rank: Guradmouse
Cloak Color: Burnt Orange

Parents: Kole & Clove (Weaver)
Senior Artisan: Thurstan (Glazier)
Mentor: Leopold (Scout)
Friend: Joseff (Carpenter - Elmoss)
Enemy: Stew (Baker - Lockhaven)

Nature (Mouse): 5
Will: 3
Health: 5
Resources: 5
Circles: 4

Belief: Always give my all to the Guard.
Instinct: Hide first, think later.
Skills: Deceiver 2, Fighter 1, Glazier 2, Haggler 4, Potter 2, Scout 3, Survivalist 3, Weather Watcher 2, Weaver 2, Dye-wise 2, Hidey Hole-wise 2
Traits: Short 1, Steady Paw 2
Gear: Sling, knife, nice warm vest, rope, a small mirror, some bottles.

All the characters look great but the last character specifically is going to be a lot of fun due to the above. That Belief may conflict really well with the Instinct and create great opportunities for earning checks if properly roleplayed and acted upon.

How so? Mechancially, I thought Checks could only come from Traits?

Gah! Sorry, I didn’t mean checks. I meant Persona and Fate.

Ah, thanks. Confused me a moment there. LOL.

Yeah, too early in the damn morning for posting here. :slight_smile: I didn’t get my coffee until 9:45.