Our Mouse Guard game is almost over

… we’re going into the Winter session next week, and by common consensus we’re putting MG aside for a while to try other systems, but I have to say that it’s been one of the more fun games that I’ve ever played, and my group – yes, the group that made Luke and Thor cry during BE playtesting – has really, really enjoyed it. Granted we’re not playing Mouse Guard, we’re playing “Brian’s Game which borrows large chunks of Mouse Guard” , but we nevertheless had a rollicking good time, especially (and perhaps surprisingly) Luke’s biggest fans Humphrey and Brian.

So thanks, BWHQ, for creating the game (that we think to play, but really just borrow large chunks of).

It was a lot of fun all round. I know there was some resistance here but I feel the quality of play increased dramatically once I loosened up on the rules a bit.

The bottom line is that being heroic mice, fighting for what you believe in is going to be cool no matter what. I just happen to have a very talented, tight group that makes me as a GM look better than I would otherwise.

The game also sparked some very interesting discussions on genre emulation and gaming in general in our group, so even if we don’t agree 100% with the design philosophy of the game it did make for some stimulating debate.

…and the Winter session is over. The Reflection phases was interesting and fun, especially the player chosen new traits.

Off to try D&D 4e, at least until spring comes to the Territories again.

Our group – or at least, most of our group – has always been pretty good about characters with well-defined arcs, but it’s interesting to see how the MG rules codify that arc. I did like the interplay of how each player viewed their character versus how the rest of the group viewed them.