Out of Phase Winter Phase...

What happens when all but say one player dies when counting adventures against a Winter Phase?

My brave Paladin outlived his erstwhile companions, fair enough by not being able to make the session :slight_smile:

Still by the Pally’s count he has had 4 adventures, but the others with new PC’s have only had two. Can you have asymmetric Winter Phases?

It seems right that my Pally is a year older and wiser than the young whipper snappers, but this either means they would have had a Winter Phase after their first adventure (if based on the Pally) or that we have a Winter Phase of the Pally and then another separate one for everyone else after the next adventure.

How should this be handled?

Just do them at the same time. The new companions joined your paladin late summer. Now, if you guys don’t feel like they’ve been around long enough to earn the rewards of the winter session (a new Wise, a new Trait and practicing skills), then they don’t earn them until the next winter session. At least that’s the way we’ve handled fallen adventurers in teh past.

That is the way I think I would handle it too. But depends on our GM. Unless you are Game of Thrones, Winter isn’t coming, its here! All it means, as you say, is the newbies get an early Winter Phase (once) and then everyone is back in sync.

There are four seasons in a year, I doubt that’s a coincidence. Just keep track of what season it is, and as they go on new adventures the season changes. This may also have an impact on the hazards present. A rainy season might make landslides more likely. A dry season might make it more hazardous to traverse an arid landscape. And so on.