Out of the torture chamber and into the burial crypt! (AP)

Here’s the AP from our 4th session. This time we had a special treat. Luke was up late editing and indexing Torchbearer and watching us in the background while he worked. He sent us tweets as we were playing with advice. That plus a crazy effort to hold Zombies at bay while the Halfling Sixtoe assembled torches out of torture devices made the game pretty damn awesome.

Here’s AP plus the video of our session: http://www.seannittner.com/actual-play-out-of-the-torture-chamber-and-into-the-burial-crypt/

So frickin awesome Sean! You guys are having a blast, I can’t wait to get the ‘full’ ruleset and play. Best AP ever :slight_smile:

A copy of Mouseguard, the character generation chapter in PDF, and your AP videos are all I need to run my own Torchbearer campaign. (Well, at least until I actually get my copy of the book.) After watching episode 4 I’m feeling confident about our next session I’m running tomorrow. Thanks for posting!

Thanks guys. I love the hell out of this game, and it isn’t even out yet!