Outfitting My Crew

So we burned our world and characters last night (posts to come) and we ended up with a world that had outlawed weapons. My character has a crew and is part of the underworld so I wanted to know how I go about giving my crew basic weapons (handguns, etc.)…you know, since we’re smugglers.

Do I pay that with RP’s during burning or make that a building test? I wouldn’t normally care what they were carrying except when I get to a Firefight, technically they have no weapons, etc.

I second this question! I was curious what you all did in the various playtests.

Burn one of them up. That’s what they all look like.


Do they follow the same rules as the bodyguard/stentor? Or do they get even fewer lifepaths since they are more plentiful?

Should they be…3 lifepaths less then the character? Or 2 like the Stentor…Stenor? Whatever.


Whatever fits, man. Soldiers can be made in 3 LPs. Lords Pilot can be made in 4. You should be able to make nearly any mook you need in four or fewer lifepaths.

And yes, I’d keep their skill exponents at 4 or lower – UNLESS YOU HAVE AN APPROPRIATE TRAIT like Anvil Lord.


Come on Luke, you should know Neil wants hard rules to work within.

I love ya, Neil. But you know it’s true. :oops:

Then use the mook rules in the back of the book. Or the cirlces rules.

Paramount – PARAMOUNT – to this discussion is that Neil must acknowledge that he doesn’t have an army. He’s got a couple of guys with handguns.

The only one with an army is Keith – and he’s just got a Navy with no boots to speak of.

I’m down with that. I know King Worm’s limitations. :twisted: