Outlaw Camp

This place is a haven for those who have offended the lords of the land and live outside their protection. The camp is out in the wilderness, and its residents live in fear and resentment of the unfree people who cast them out.

Available Locations
Tavern, Street, Stables, Homes, Market (limited)

Alignment: Unaffiliated or Chaos

Suggested Laws
[li]No laws!
[li]When anyone is working, everyone must lend a hand. Punishable by exile.
[/li][li]Disputes are settled by council. One adult, one vote. Punishable by exile.
Skills: Scavenger, Hunter, Criminal
Traits: Jaded, Generous

“No laws” is boring. I prefer the alternate, especially since it makes me wonder: What does a resident of a certain age need to do in order to prove themselves as an adult? Possibly something that could be easily turned into a mission (“please find my son, who went into the nearby caves we use for our rite of passage”).