Overbearing Loony?

Does anyone know what this trait does? Haven’t been able to find anything.

I’m assuming it’s a character trait, rather than a die trait or call-on, but I don’t have my book handy.

Some traits are not in the lists. Presumably those are all character traits.

Based on the definition of Loony I would go with Overbearing Silly/Crazy

a crazy or silly person.
“she was working with a bunch of loonies”
crazy or silly.
“loony drivers”

Yeah it’s probably a character trait. I just wanted to ask, in case someone knew about it from some out-of-book source, like the Atlantean document containing the Faith in Dead Gods, trait definition.

Faith in Dead Gods was in the Religion section of the Magic Burner and should be in Burning Wheel Codex. The version in the Black Atlanteans is from Burning Wheel Classic and has long been superseded.

I’m very stoked for the codex. Thanks for directing me to the Magic Burner for the Faith in Dead Gods trait, Thor.