Paladin and Thief are out!

Gosh, can’t believe it 's here! The paladin’s got Armored and Stubborn from the Warrior class as options, and has things for detecting alignment, laying on of hands, and lots of vows to the Lords of (x). The upper level stuff is appropriately awesome, but the lower level stuff has me puzzled as to the usefulness of it. Perhaps Luke, Jared, or Thor could explain Holy Orders and Vow to the Lords of Hunger for me. Well, moreso the Vow than Holy Orders.

The Thief, on the other hand, is all kinds of awesome. It’s a straight-up rogue transferred to Torchbearer and it’s done very very well. The next time I play Torchbearer I’m definitely playing one of these guys.

S’yeah, they’re finally out! Any thoughts guys?

Well the Holy Orders is obviously the traditional Detect Evil paladin ability, and is extremely useful. The Vow to the Lords of Hunger… I guess that’s good if you are out of food and have a cleric who can cure Angry, or if you are out of food and have a high will for recovery, or if you have another clever means of recovering from the Angry condition. Early in a dungeon delve when food is plentiful this may not be very useful, so it does have a much more niche usefulness than other level benefits.

Keep in mind that paladins always have high Will. Passing the Ob 2 test to get rid of Angry shouldn’t be too hard for them. This way they can give away their food and water, going without themselves, and will themselves to press on.

Higher-level paladins may also have some cool things they can do with their righteous anger…

Now I’m intrigued :slight_smile:

OK, that is SO COOL!!!

I mean, interesting way of mapping out a Paladin’s personality into the class features. Very, very interesting.

And by higher-level do you mean 6+ ?

That’s what he means. Higher level benefits are coming… some day… it’s been hinted at more than once.

The one ability is also one of the possible Halfling abilities at level 3, as I recall. I didn’t consider the very valid fact that it’s an easy enough condition to recover from.