Paladin: Vow to the Lady of Battle

Paladin Level 8:

Vow to the Lady of Battle: Increase your rank cap for Fighter and Commander skills from 6 to 7.

You may advance Fighter and Commander to rank 7 as per the standard advancement rules with seven successful and six failed tests.

In standard advancement, if normally able to go to rank 7 and already at rank 6, you would require 6 passed and 5 failed tests.

Is this changed specifically for the Lvl 8 Paladin to 7P and 6F instead?

Edit: also saw the same in the Level 7 Warrior’s Expert ability.

Hi there! You’ve found some errata. Advancing a skill from 6 to 7 requires 6 passed tests and 5 failed tests, even for Paladins and Warriors.