Paper Minis for Miseries and Misfortunes

Hi there,

since I’ve got some time now, I tried to make a blister of 17th century dragoons you can use for your own game.

They are made using the tutorial by the Weirdlings on YouTube (click here!). They can be used in any 28mm setting.

Of course you need to craft the minis yourselves, but that isn’t too hard: red lines mean cut and grayish lines mean fold. In case you want to use premade bases for the minis, just cut off the paper base and you’re good to go. Preferably, you want to use cardstock, but normal copy paper does the job as well. Just glues the two sides together and your minis are done (the video tutorial shows these steps aswell).

The original image can be found here

And the blister can be found here

Unfortunately, the work to get these minis done is quite tedious, since there aren’t many good images of character’s in front of white backgrounds, what means that I have to manually cut out most of the characters I want to use as minis.

If you would leave a little bit of feedback, I would be very happy. Maybe you have some tipps how I could achieve a better result.

Stay safe and have a nice day!

I just finished another one. A rider with a drawn weapon this time. This mini is made from a photography of a flat tin figure - the effect is quite nice.

The original can be found here.

And the blister can be found here.


And some looters. This time I edited an actual baroque painting in order to get a mini. The process is much faster now. Since these characters are smaller than the ones on horseback, we have double the number of minis, yay!

The original can be found here.

And the blister can be found here.


Nice. We’ve been playing with a grid map and standees and it has been fantastic.

We are not quite there yet, unfortunately. Hopefully the next session (whenever that may be) will push the story in a more violent direction.

I’ll update this thread as often as I can. Hopefully I can manage to produce some higher quality minis the next time, still learning.
I’ll also try to vary the characters in the blisters a bit, makes things more interesting. Also: WE NEED WOMEN ON THE BATTLEFIELDS.

I ripped some Osprey publications apart and were able to create an infantry blister.

Because I used more than one source this time, I will not attach the originals. The images in question can easily be found by using pinterest or google image search, though.

The blister can be found here.

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