Parallel or Serial Treatment and Recovery?

Amazingly, I’ve never encountered this problem, in years of playing BW. Usually we have light and superficial wounds and it’s not an issue…or a strong enough wound that somebody is out immediately.

So here’s the situation, we’ve got a character with 2 Midi wounds. That’s -2D and -2D. They’ve stopped the bleeding on both, so have to get Treatment in the next scene or we get Severe(s).

Now here’s the questions:

  1. That’s two separate Treatment tests, right? (just like we did for bleeding)
  2. Can you make both Recovery tests right away?
  3. Are Recovery times concurrent or subsequent?

I can’t see #3 specifically addressed in the chapter. Here are my guesses, because it’s Burning Wheel:

  1. Yep, test two times. Two opportunities for a permanent -1D.
  2. Yes, two Recovery tests, and go ahead and make them right away. Two opportunities for a permanent -1D, -1 stat cap, and a trait.
  3. No. That’s 2-12 weeks for each (reduced by extra successes).

I’d say the first two are spot on. I’d say, with the last one, both start recovery at the same time. The body doesn’t “take turns” on injuries, but take note that the results of previous tests might mean one takes more time to recover anyway…

Does that make any sense?


I think we usually do them concurrently, but it’s your call!


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