Parents/Friends and Recovery

Are parents and friends meant to offer free recover checks? I could understand requiring a resources roll to see if your friend is in a town he normally wouldn’t be, but are they otherwise freebies? It definitely makes sense in the fiction, but I wanted to clarify the rules and see what other people do.

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I often treat those relationships as a free opportunity for food/drink and shelter for rest to serve the recovery of Hungry/Thirsty and Tired. And I look at how/whether other needs can be supplied by relationships.

use of a Circles test for Friend, Mentor, Artisan, or Enemy could be used to determine if those are in the same place. Circles can be used for parents is they tend to travel a bit.

But the most frequent use of relationships comes when players are actively looking for more involvement. As GM, I don’t make a point to have relationships traveling about and showing up where the players have been assigned. I expect players to be mindful of and aware of when a relationship can be called upon. Some do so more than others.


It depends on how rich your parents are, their house with count as either a Flophouse, Inn, or Hotel. You get to stay with your parents for “free” (the cost is in uncomfortable questions).

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