Paths of Fog and Shadows Episode 1 Jan 2023

The world of Burning Wheel inhabits many races, monsters and sundry kinds of the deep. The highest forms are the Gods, Titans (children of Gods), Dragons, Trolls, and the lost servant races to the Gods. Elves, first coming next , touching the ancient of days, swiftly followed by Dwarves, Orcs, and Great Wolves. Lastly brought to the shores were the race of Humans and Roden.
In this time, legends abound of the Gods, servants of gods, and Titans. Few Dragons exist, hungering for treasure and slumber unless awakened.
In this great land the following can be discerned, if a map was seen, and rarely is.Kingdoms and borders change incessantly, but the land remains. Far north is the Nether, where monsters, beasts, gods and Titans once ruled gloriously. The NorthWest breathes the lands of Trollhiem. Where hence the Trolls of hate and rulers of the Orc Fiefdoms, so it is said reside. West lays the mountains cascading into the Sea, where the Dwarven lands of steel and might still echo the sounds of hammer and chisel. Wilderlands lie center,the crossroads, where many lay claim but none truly rule. East is home of the Elven lands and the merriment of grief and song. Lastly the south is the land of Humans and Roden. In this time many races meet and thrive in cities to trade, explore, and conquer.
You have been in this city of Gouf for about 1 month, and were selected with 3 other adventurers to meet in the presence of Griz, an underworld thug and merchant of rare items for a job. Griz is seeking the tomb of King Mokintan and his treasure horde. Legend says the King perished in the Sea of Amas and all was lost. But Griz has found a human named Mook Calamon who as a boy fell into a chamber while tending flocks and stumbled across cavern rooms with symbols of King Mokintan reign… Perhaps, King Mokintan’s final resting place is in the plains of Wilderlands, and not the Sea of Amas. Griz wants you to find this treasure and the King’s tomb. Grizz reward is 4000 gold to be divided by all who return. Griz sends you, instead of his own men, knowing the risk and rewards for those thirsty for gold and glory. Mook will be your guide to find the tomb he found as a boy. Griz, being always on the move ahead of his enemies, will meet you on your return, and has given Mook directions as to how to find him again. Gather provisions and set off. Mook says the journey will take 2 months of wilderness travel to reach the cavern he remembers as a boy.
After leaving the room the 4 adventurers are standing outside, looking at a small town on the edge of a desert. They see a small man with weathered features leaning against 2 donkeys, laden with supplies and a goat standing on top of the supplies. Im Mook he says, Ill be your guide, and cook. We will need at least 6 months of supplies to make it there and back.
Dro the dwarf, nods at Mort the big man next to him and says, guess we need to find somewhere that sells the stuff we need. Mort grunts and Adira the female chirps in, guess we do. They all look at the moody and silent elf Tha’pop, and leave him as they seek out supplies.
With 2 supply stores in town, Dro steers away from the dwarven store, and goes to the human run store run by Al. Al welcomes Dro in and asks how he is? Dro has bought some items from Al in the past and says he needs supplies for 6 months for 4 people. Al prods him for information, getting none from the tight lips of Dro. Alira, and Mort. As al and his family gathers supplies, Dro uses his Appraisal skill and notices some of the equipment shoddy. Pointing it out, Al apologies and gets newer stuff, as both parties know Al is not the most honest of store keepers. Al after 1n hour says, well that will come to 100 gold (6 resources) to purchase all this and pack and riding animals. Dro bites his lip and knows that the group can manage 6 resources exactly if everything was perfect, and confers with the others. A loan will be needed to cover the rest if they can pool all thier resources. Time to look for a loan.
Meanwhile at the front porch where Tha’pop is leaning on, a hooded Roden approaches the Elf. “Greetings sir. I couldnt help but notice your meeting with Griz and your friends down at Supply store. " Tha’pop looks at the roden and says, “So”. The roden gulps and continues. " Im called Pip and would like to make a proposal.” Tha’pop glances over at the roden again. “Did i say i need anything?”. Pip steps back away from the cloaked elf and states. " Im not trying to intrude, just merely helping is all. If perhaps you need some help in securing all your needs, I could help, and just need a favor is all." Tha’pop in his usual manner grunts, “Why?”. Roden shaking from this elf warrior nods and says, " Im just, well lets say, a competitor of Griz and just believe in healthy competition is all." Backing away from the silent Elf, “Il be over in the inn across the way, if you need anything sir. “. Pip scurries away being glad to be at least 3 sword lengths from the Elf.
Dro tells Al, well be back with the money in a bit. They meet up with Tha’pop who gives them the rundown with the Roden in about 20 words or less, which is a lot for Tha’pop to say at one time. They agree that Pips idea might have strings attached they dont want, and start brainstorming.
Dro says, we need the money to get the supplies. Tha’pop speaks up and says…” Just stay here work for 2 years and save the money”. Mort says…Im not 150 years old like you and dont want to stick around that long. Dro agrees and says.“not happening Tha’pop. " Using his circles of influence Dro uses his friends name who is a adventurer broker and scores a name. However ( circle roll failure for Dro) there is a another person who gives out loans, but hates Dro friend and anyone related remotely to him. Dro says, “Ill stay back out of sight if we can score a deal with him. " With a name now, Mort using citywise and Adira using craftsmanwise, are able to locate the rich part of town and the most expensive villa where Stephen the contact is living. Mort also with citywise was able to get an appointment with Stephen ( all successes on a roll) with Aidra, who is the best talker of the group.
Appointment time comes up and Adira knocks on the villa door along with Tha’pop and Mort, with Dro down the street and out of sight. The door upper portal is open and Adira giving the proper words of entry is allowed in with the other 2. They are escorted to a inner courtyard 2 stories high on all sides with exotic plant, animals and children running around. Tha’pop using perception notices guards behind the lattices on the upper floor, with crossbows and is already turning in his head what to do. They are lead across the tile laid courtyard to a area of pillows where Stephen is lounging. “Welcome. please sit down and be comfortable”.
Only Adira sits while her 2 companions just stand. Stephen raises an eyebrow and munches on a fruit. “Blessings to you and your family, how may I help you?” Adira looks at Stephen and in her soothing melodious voice states they are need a loan for expedition. Stephen takes another bite, “Expedition you say…mmm…one with Griz in charge. Laughs a bit…its okay, I know what goes on in this town and glad you finally found me. How much are you needing Adira?” Adira looks over and says, " Not sure, till payment is made, but could up to 6 resources, but dont think that will be needed. We are going to a dwarven encampment, who needs our skills and will pay us handsomely.” Adira says that lie, and know its a fragile one at that.
Stephen waves to his steward to approach…” I can cover any deficits you might have in securing your supplies, and payment will be due in a year. However , upon return, I would like to know what you are doing and what you found if anything? Stephen says…send me a note if you like my proposal and ill have my steward meet you at Als, but i wish to know all your party members. Adira nods and thanks Stephen and they leave as quickly as they can, feeling they are a canary being played with by a house cat. Meeting up with Dro, they agree with Stephens bargain and send a note. The steward meets up with them at Als and the haggling starts. Dro feels confident in haggling and doesnt take any help and Al and Dro haggle. Al being the better haggler holds firm and Dro cant get a better deal. Money is poured out by the group and they are 2 resources short, which Stephens steward pays and they are off.
Its January and cold as they leave the town. 2 weeks later they are leaving even abandoned farm houses behind as the snow and cold are upon them. No one knows how to ride, except Tha’pop is an expert, so miraculously they keep on their horses without much injury. 4 weeks out and the land is turning to more highland rolling grasslands Moot says if you could see under the snow. Tha’pop notices there is a group of Roden about 1 mile off parallel to them Doesnt know if they are being followed or group going in same direction. They cross 2 frozen rivers with no problem and the weather picks up. Moot states a blizzard is coming. Quickly Mook tries to build a enclosure or break for the animals with Dro help. Dro is not helpful, but Mort using his tying knots ability is able to string the animals together and tents, just before the full blizzard hits. The storm last 5 days, and on the 2nd day, Dro and Moot again successfully build a snow bank to shelter the animals. Everyone hunkers down except for Adira (fails forte roll) and gets a case of frostbite that lowers her health for at least an upcoming month. The storm passes and they are up and traveling again.
5 weeks out Mook signals the group that a nomadic tribe of Urk is up ahead. Tha’pop studies the encampment, and sees no foul play or weapons, they agrees to have Mook parley with them and perhaps get some food or rumors or something useful. Mook speaks with them and they are invited in for a couple days. During thier stay Adira notices another tent with a woman in great pain, and has Mook ask about her. She was bitten and got infected by an animal, she is well loved by the family and they worry for her. Adira and Mort offer to help. They accept. With Adira apothecary and Mort helping with herbalism, they are successful in stabilizing the wound. The women will recover, but it will take time. Dro and Tha’pop offer to help mend some tents and are successful. Upon leaving the group, a new milk goat is added, pack animals tended to and they gain a local reputation of helping the Urk tribe, giving all the adventurers a new reputation. They head out for Episode 2.

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Mort goes to sleep in the nomad’s tent feeling very good with himself. In these first weeks of accepting this job, meeting his new companions and traveling to lands he has never seen before he believes his luck and his skills have grown. He knows he is still young and inexperienced but not as much as he was when he left his village and brought his brother, Bert, to the city. He hopes the resources he left with Bert will last him until he returns from this adventure.

Thanks for sharing! Is this a single session? You got things rolling nicely, I like the kinda classic fantasy vibe of having all the races and setting off on a quest

no this is a long term campaign. will meet once a week hopefully thru the year.
Next week 1 player is gone, so were doing a flashback in Hochen village with 3 of them, to finish up the Hochen campaign. 2 of the characters in the Hochen scenario will reappear in Paths of fog and shadows.

I mean is this the summary of a single session (of a longer ongoing campaign).

longer campaign. Next session is Feb 6th.

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