PbP Torchbearer game

Starting up a new Torchbearer Play-by-Post, see the link above. It’s a good way to learn a system, because PbP play is a bit on the slower side :slight_smile:

But it’s a fun way for anyone who is interested!
If interested, check out the link. Otherwise be well all!


What techniques are you using to adapt Torchbearer to the PbP format?

The GM actually started the game up here: http://www.unseenservant.us/forum/viewforum.php?f=828
Though it looks like it’s slowed down during the holidays; hopefully to pick back up again soon.

But I’m not conversant enough to know what he’s changed or not. He does have a house rules section of the above forum, as well as a “Grind and Conditions” section. Those may be what you are looking for? Hopefully that’s of help, if not let me know. The game was definitely of interest and gathered some players.
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If you are still playing and have room for players Id be interested. PbP is ideally in mny ways for me because I can work it into free cycles between projects on the 'puter.

That GM was away from the boards for a bit; I think he’s about ready to start the game back up. So you might have perfect timing. I see you responded in the “Looking for Players” thread, I’ll remind him to look there.

I enjoy PbP too. It’s a great way to game and not have to worry about syncing all the players’ schedules.
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