PDF & other computer related toys?

Hey, sorry to be a pain, but I was wondering if everyone out there would be kind enough to tell me if there is a cheaper way to get the PFD than the $20 at DriveThroughRPG.com. I already own a well used copy of the book, but I play with my laptop nearby so I would love to get the PDF.

Also, I know people have made up some form fillable PDFs to go with the game. If you could point any of those out to me I’d appreciate it.

And lastly, any toys for playing online that are directly related to Mouse Guard and compatible with Apple. Dice rollers, map thingymabobs, everything.

I’m hoping to get into playing online, so pretty much any computer stuff will be grand. And if you’re looking for an extra, dedicated online player, PM me.

The Mouse Guard section of the wiki has some of the things you mention.

John Anderson is working on a Mouse Guard online virtual tabletoppy thingamybob. Ping him on these very forums to ask about that since the words I’m using to describe it clearly indicate that I know next to nothing about it :slight_smile:

As for the PDF, I think dropping $20 is the only route available there.


We’re using the very simple dice roller I made at http://mice.ensmartle.me/games and Google Docs. Looking at simplifying it right now actually.

Wow, thanks Pete. I’m loving form fillable sheets. I’ll try to get a hold of John Anderson. Online will have to be the way to go for me because the only people I can get to play with me are my younger siblings and it’s just not working out there. One of them is just a pain. Anyhow, thanks again.

John’s is windows only, since it’s for sun tzu.

I did a quick and cheesy box for vassal, which runs on mac. (Heck, I use only macs, so…) aramis.hostman.us/mg/

Oh, thanks Aramis, I’ll check it out.
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lol never mind, I had better stay on topic.

Answer will be in chatter.

nice thing about using VASSAL is it is multi-player, includes a text-chat, dice, and I’ve got counters for damage, etc; I’ve not implemented character sheets yet… If you have art subs, I’ll be glad to add them in.

I’ve not yet put the project on vassal’s website, but it won’t be the first RPG play-aid on there!

You know, after I downloaded vassal and checked out your Mouse Guard module I was thinking about all the perfect art to substitute some of the cheesy stuff. I’f you’re willing, I’d love to try to improve it. It looks like it would be a blast to play with. I’m really knew to all this though. Someone did some sketches of the characters on the RPG cover. I don’t know if they’re useable or not, but they can be found in this gallery. I would love to see them replace the little grey and tan mice.

btw, What’s chatter?

The subforum here known as the Chatterer.

I’ll only put in art that is done by the individual submitting it, excepting the map. That’s for my legal safety.

You could always buy a second copy of the book and get the PDF for free:


Yeah, I’ve thought about that, but it’s $15 more, and what would I do with two copies of the book, except for keep one on my shelf and the other in my bag…
Hm, now you have me thinking.

We’ve usually found it helpful to have two or more copies of a game around, although MG is simple enough that you almost never need the book itself in play.

Or, you might try to sell it?

Bought it from DriveBy.

Is it just me, or are he page numbers in the PDF 2 numbers behind? They don’t even match up with the table of contents. What’s with that? Still, I love it. It’s so practical.

PDF page numbers usually count each page in the PDF. Book page numbers do not commonly count the cover as a page, for instance, while PDF numbering usually does.

Is it just me, or is the Form-Fillable Mouse Guard Character Creation Worksheet PDF not available for download? Does anyone have this?

I have one, but I don’t remember where I got it.

Can you upload it somewhere?

BTW, this is the form I’m referring to. Note that the “Download” option is unavailable.

Don’t suppose you could post a link? I can’t find it anywhere.

Hm, are you sure it’s unavailable. I seem to be seeing it up and to the left right above the pdf. It’s the same place I got mine.

To the PDF? I got mine on DrivethruRPG, but it seems to have been taken down recently. I hear there are other ways to get it, but I’m drawing a blank.