PDF version to accompany hardcopy of M&M?


Last year I sent one of my underlings to pick up a copy of Miseries & Misfortunes for me at Gencon. I was wondering how to go about getting a PDF copy of it as well.
I’ve noticed the Bits n Mortar connection, but I don’t think there even was a public PDF available when my friend bought the game. :slight_smile:

I know there’s a PDF on the store, but I’m not sure if there’s a discount or coupon for folks with physical copies. https://www.burningwheel.com/miseries-misfortunes-pdf/

Since Bits n Mortar is connected you’d normally get an email from the store with a link to a PDF copy. But since this was bought at a con and (I think) before the PDF was even released my friend never had that conversation.
Perhaps I should post the traditional shoe+Miseries & Mistfortunes on my head pic. :slight_smile:

DM’d ya with a solution :smiley:

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