PDFs for Miseries and Misfortunes

Has anyone received PDFs from their M&M purchases? I preordered and received the books in February, but never received the pdfs.

Hi Imad,
Have you checked the downloads in your account on the BW Store? We recently updated the PDFs there, so everyone should have them.


Hi Luke,
Sorry…I think I’m a little confused. When I log into my account I don’t see a place to view downloads. I can see my orders, but that’s it. In the past I received an email with my order that had a link to the download page, but I didn’t get anything for M&M.

Hi @Imadotta .

Click on the little golden circle with the down arrow by what you’ve bought:

That will take you to the PDF download page.


Wow….sorry I’m dumb. Thanks mark.

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Imad. I spent the past two days wringing my hands over the Fontocalypse. And thank you Mark for the help!

For posterity’s sake, I’ll add a bit of info here because the process is a bit counterintuitive.

  • After signing in to the store, you can click on “ACCOUNT” in the upper corner and it will bring you directly to your Orders.
  • If “ACCOUNT” doesn’t bring you there right away you should have a few new categories to click, Orders being the leftmost.
  • From your Orders, and this is the unclear part, if you click on the text that says “Order # [your order number]” it’ll take you to your downloads.
  • From there you just click the download arrow on each of the product icons you want to download!