I fleshed out the info on Pebblebrook for a mission in my group’s first session:

Location / Structure: The trees have thinned out in this area, leaving room for scattered shrubbery, under which the stone structures of the town are built. Town Hall is similarly built, but the bush it is under lies against of one of the few trees in the area. The namesake of the town is a nearby rocky stream that provides the stone for the town’s major trade.

Government: Democratically elected mayor, of late from the merchant class who are quite favorable of the Guard. This is to the great ire of the stonemasons who feel they should rule. The merchants, however, have support from the laborers who feel unappreciated by the stonemasons.

Size: Town

Major Trades: Stonemasons & Laborers (gathering stones). There are a fair amount of Harvesters so this remote town isn’t completely dependent on trade for survival, and a sizeable merchant class who bring in most of everything else the town needs.

Import / Export: Exports some stone, but mostly the labor of its stonemasons, who do much of the masonry work in the western territories, including Lockhaven. Also exported are some food, mostly to Barkstone. Most goods, however, are imported and sold by the wealthy merchants.