In my “Defend the Scent Border” mission, I used the town of Pebblebrook, which is not detailed in the main book. One of the PCs for the mission is from Pebblebrook, so I needed to come up with Traits and Skills for the town. Because it is noted for its stonemasons, I decided that the town was effectively ruled by the stonemasons guild, with the other guilds having some input. I decided on Haggler and Mason as the Skills, and Defender (because they’re so far west, even ordinary citizens are often called on to fight) and Ambitious (for the political maneuvering; yes, I made up a new Trait—sue me!) for Traits.


cool. Wish I had read this before I ran the intro session at Pebblebrook. One of the PCs also chose Pebblebrook as his hometown, and I just said, “choose whatever skill and trait you want, long as it makes sense.”