[Penny Arcade] Mouse Guard on PA 20-Apr-2012

Congrats to Mouse Guard for the publicity!

I’m still ashamed I’ve yet to run MG; I may try the magic cheese gambit :wink:

Thanks! I ran a demo for Gabe at PAX East. I guess it went better than I thought!

That’s GREAT! I’d love to hear a Penny Arcade MG podcast…

Are the web store servers hardened? Got plenty of stock? "Cause, depending on how he casts the game going forward, it could be a BIG pop in sales. This strip seems a BIT… neutral. Hard to guess if the setup is for “grognard D&Ders hate on this weird scene stuff” or “woah! Now I see why folks play all this stuff instead of the same old, thirty-year-old game!”

Any publicity is good publicity, unless they truly set out to trash MG. Even mockery will make some people go, “Hm, that sounds pretty fun, actually!”

For the record, last year a few friends of mine played The Sword with Luke, and for the first time I was asked to run BW instead of pushing it on people. This year some friends played MG, and asked me the same… but I don’t have MG. Undeterred, they bought two copies and are hashing out among them who’s going to GM. The Burning Team is PR magic.

Judging from the blog, it looks likely to be positive.

There’s a super-positive write-up in the news post today. It may also loosely imply Luke gets his energy from gutting living things and crawling inside them, I don’t know :wink: