Performer Skill (request for opinion)


Perfomer is used to entertain or distract audiences and bolster mice forces in battle. Of course that an indiviual might not be easily pleased by certain types of art. Indulging in performance can situationally replace Orator checks. Furthermore, a mouse can use Performer to help Militarist or Orator checks in War or Speech conflicts respectively.

Performer can also be used to sooth and then completely remove the effects of certain conditions, this can affect an entire patrol and type isn’t factored in.

Result factors are only used in simple tests when in lieu of versus tests.

Performer Factors

Type (except for soothing): voice arts, instruments, acting, circus arts

Soothing: Angry, Tired

Audience: Self, Patrol, crowd, non-mice animal, insects.

Result: distraction, taunting, frighten, drowsing.

Please don’t mind my writing as I’m not a native speaker. That being said, what’s your take on this? Do you think is good? What could be changed, removed or added?

Thanks for your time.

It’s interesting. I might revisit your “results” factors a bit. Maybe… “distract, incite, calm”. Basically “delay the audience,” “direct the audience to act on your behalf,” and “stop the audience from doing whatever it was going to do.”

Audience: self makes no sense to me. What were you thinking on this? A way to soothe away your “Angry” condition by playing a song? Does that fit into your first set of factors? The rest of the audience is good. I might make “audience: self” a freebie, honestly.

Yes, precisely. Normally one uses Will Ob 2. This way I can use Performer Ob 2 (self + angry) or Ob 3 (self + tired). I was gonna start the audience factors with patrol, but that would make it too easy Ob 2 and I removed angry from the entire party (spending only one check).

Besides you’re not gonna be really rolling any dice if it’s not for effect. You just say you’ll play for yourself and the GM allows it (but not effect is granted).

I like the way you reduced the result factors. It’s a nice improvement.