Petryo, A Seen-it-all (So he thinks) Halfling Cook

Name: Petryo
Stock: Halfling
Class: Burglar
Age: 30
Home: Bustling Metropolis (Tils Landing)
Raiment: Innkeeper’s Clothes

Mentor: Lorei the Cook
Friend: Soros the Sailor
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaffiliated

Belief: We can always work things out through deal-making.
Instinct: Always get ready for the day before breakfast.

Traits: Hidden Depths 1, Calm 1

Raw Abilities: Will 5, Health 3, Nature 4
Town Abilities: Circles 3, Resources 0
Nature Descriptors: Sneaking, Riddling, Merrymaking

Wises: Pithy Aphorisms-Wise, Gorgon-wise (killed my mom)
Skills: Cook 4, Criminal 3, Fighter 2, Haggler 2, Hunter 2, Scavenger 2, Scout 2, Steward 2

Neck: My mom’s brass Necklace (1D Treasure!)
Hands: Shield
Torso: Leather Armor, Backpack
Belt: Pouch (Garlic), Weapon (Hand Axe), Skin (Wine, Full)
Feet: new (!) shoes
Backpack: Tinderbox, Rations (preserved), torches, thieves’ tools, bottle of water

Petryo is a halfling who is comfortable living in the biggest port in the land, tending the eatery of a neighborhood inn. He’s pretty much already made the most of his lot at his job (he’s reorganized the pots and pans more times than he can count), and the years of stories of what’s beyond the sea have finally gotten to him. He’s even bought shoes for the first time for the trip!

“Mid-life crisis? Ha ha ha ha, my new friend. Maybe if I was a scholar…”