Phase Intent - Change Government to Anarchy?

So, in the world we’ve burned up, (you can check it out here on the BE Wiki) we’ve got a slave population all set to revolt under the command of a Vaylen FoN who’s sort of a Spartacus-type. We’re starting in the Usurpation phase, and we haven’t gotten to start the first Maneuver yet, but both sides went ahead and declared their Intent for the phase, and I wanted to have the slaves overthrow their corporate masters. As there’s no direct equivalent to the slave/serf faction having a government option, I framed it as changing the dominant form of government to Anarchy. I just wanted to check to see if that’s kosher or not. I considered going for Civilian Commune, because the description in the World Burner chapter mentions serfs freeing themselves, but I opted against it because we didn’t choose a Commune faction during world burning. Thoughts?

Hmmm… Strictly, you can’t do either. Loosely, either one is fine. Honestly, I’m not sure why that requirement was written in, whether there’s something subtle going on with which factions exist or whether it’s just a narrative governor to ensure that someone doesn’t suddenly bring in a whole new government from nowhere. If the latter, than the prior representation of the new government as the Slaves faction seems to cover that base.

When the government changes, civilization can undergo a period of Anarchy till the new gov is hired.