Phase Intent invalidated during play

Situation: the players phase intent is “remove Victor from power aka he doesn’t get to roll to help the Usurpation phase disposition”. But halfway through Infiltration it just so happened that they killed Victor.

So… their phase intent… is accomplished? We’ve haven’t really worried about it at all, but assuming we do two maneuvers per session our Infiltration phase should wrap up in the next two sessions (14v17 dispo should finish in 4 maneuvers I’d imagine).

Thoughts on this? Has this happened to you? Should I continue my current plan of “okay, fine, your Infection-level incentives may be changed but whatever let’s keep going” or will something unfun that I haven’t thought of happen during phase resolution?

Keep playing! Obviously, even though Victor is dead, they haven’t removed him from power. His machinations are still in force!


Yes, it happened to me. The Phase intent for Infiltration was to push my Vaylen Sleeper FON out of play. In the scenes they found and killed him. They won the Phase but I scored a compromise. The compromise was that my dead FON got to roll for the Invasion Phase disposition anyway. We skipped Usurpation. He still had plans in motion that were aiding the coming invasion. Obviously he couldn’t contribute to any Maneuvers during Invasion because he was dead.


We had the same thing happen but we strove mightily to keep any given conflict from invalidating the whole Phase.

It might be a useful practice to understand that “remove X NPC from power” type Phase intents are not necessarily solved by killing X. Heck, I’d even go so far as to say “Kill X” is not a suitable Phase intent because it is too small. Sort of the flip side of conflict intents that are too big, right? Like, if your Phase intent can be solved via a single roll or conflict, then it’s not big enough.

Sounds good, thanks! I wasn’t planning on stopping, now I’m convinced the common case is fine.

Right, in the game Jesse mentioned above our actual phase intent was to remove the FoN from power by exposing him and his network. Even though the FoN was dead, exosing the network was still important.