Phase Objective: Change Predominant Military

We recently burned up a Void world run by an uppity Merchant League who operate a Professional Volunteer Force (basically anyone with cash can petition the League officials to be given a license to raise a unit - a bit like purchasing a colonelcy in the 17thC.).

It seems likely that someone is going to want to change the military to the Pilotry at some point (there is a Royalist faction); this is a phase objective as per the Infection mechanics. However, Pilotry requires Slaves + Serfs! If the dominant military becomes Pilotry, does this mean that Slaves + Serfs, which currently do not exist as a faction, need to be brought into existence somehow - or would a serf class emerge as a consequence of the Pilotry becoming the Predominant Military?

This is going to take some doing. If the Royalists come into serious power, and control of the military, they’re going to institute some serious changes in the fabric of your society.

If it goes down this way I think that it would be kind of cool. Sure you might be able to bulk up Human disposition for an Invasion phase, but at what cost? I can imagine some people demanding a dictator to see a crisis through, while others saying that any compromise of values would make final victory hollow. It’s all a bit more topical than I had expected, but I don’t mind at all.

The this is though: does “some serious doing” mean multiple phases (one phase to disenfranchise some freemen, then another phase to establish the Pilotry)?