Phase Objective limited to the list on 408 & 409?

Can you raise or lower the tech index as a Phase Objective?

Nope. Go back a couple pages; I asked the same question.


Thanks Paul. I see that now. The way the forums are set up it wasn’t immediately obvious to me that there were other threads aside from the ones shown. I’ll have to use the search function a little more diligently.

It turns out that I get a lot more bang for my buck out of changing the planetary attitude (going from Personal Experience to Paranoid nets me 8 dispo - 4 on my side and 4 off their side).

I was considering draining tech resources but then I figured that would be done with greater regulation - which hurts my dispo more than it helps theres. SO no dice :slight_smile:

I did an Excel spreadsheet of the various World Burner options and their net effect on disposition, with the results in this thead.