Phase Objectives Resulting in Incompatible World Attributes?

This was brought up in the thread on changing predominant military, but doesn’t seem to have been answered, so I hope I’m not out of turn by asking it again…

What are the mechanical constraints/results of using the infection mechanics to make changes to the world that would result in combinations that would have been illegal during world burning?

For instance, if the world has Tight Regulation, and someone wins a phase to destroy the government and make the world Lawless/Anarchic. It makes sense, from a story perspective, that wrecking the government would also undo the regulations. So, does that side get a change in regulation level as a “freebie?” Or, would they need to change the regulation in a previous phase? Or does the regulation level remain the same and we narrate it as best we can (I can imagine cops trying to keep a handle on drugs as best they can, even though the leadership is gone…)?

Similarly for creating a pilotry with no slaves, etc.

  • Daniel

I don’t remember anything in the rules forbidding it, and you’ve already figured out the color… This could be errata, but my instinct is that a world’s not stable with pilotry and no feudalism, or with no government but a strict and efficient customs service… But a world in the throes of a Vaylen invasion isn’t stable anyway. You won’t start out with that state of affairs, but if the government finds itself unable to enforce order or exercize power down on the ground, that doesn’t automatically make the orbital customs service go POOF! (at least until paychecks stop getting cut and food stops getting shipped up…)

No freebies. It’s up to your group to figure out just what has happened to your world to make it such a bizarre place. In the Anarchic vs Tight Regulation example, perhaps the Customs officials were too powerful and they essentially formed their own faction, enforcing their draconian regulations.