Phases, FoNs

I don’t have my book handy and I have a nagging question.

In less than a full 3-phase game, how do the FoNs shake out? Say I’m starting a BE game where we know we’ll begin in Usurpation and continue to Invasion. My question is, how many FoNs do we burn up? 2 for the GM and 2 for the PCs, one for each phase? Or 3 for each side, but the Infiltration FoN will never be featured?

And tangentially, how does one deal with a person missing a session? Short of “We don’t play BE,” I mean. More of a preference question and less of a rules thing, obviously.

Thanks, all.


We burn up all three FoNs. Being an FoN is mostly a formality – especially once the initial phase dispo is rolled for.

And I’ve found BE to be fairly friendly to missing players. You can just rewrite Beliefs and play out other scenes.