Pimp my Mouse Guard - adding flavour

What does your Mouse Guard game look like? Have you done anything cool you want to show? Other ideas worth spreading? Handouts?

Here’s a few images of things I’ve done to get a more mousy feel to my game:

maps.jpg cards.jpg markers.JPG

  • Custom Cards drawn in Gimp. Printed on sticky paper and cardboard. They feel heavy and are A6 size.
  • Hand drawn maps. The one on top is for those situations where your mice get washed away and their only map is destroyed. A3 Cotton paper and watercolor pens.
  • Painted pawns. Just to give them a more rustic feel. Acryllics. Would probably have looked better with miniature paint. Maybe they get another layer later.
  • Counters: I use chesnuts and acorns
  • Dice: Large wooden ones bought in a toy-store

The new items from the box are being considered for use but the maps will definitly not be replaced

Are the pawns authentic (homemade), or did you repaint the ones that came with the boxed set? They look awesome!

They are just repainted. Pimped!

I covered my mouse pawns in black ink. Then washed it off. The ink staged in the grooves and made them look dirty. Which was desirable.

Yours look better. But I was going for a different improvement to effort ratio. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything looks awesome!

Is there a pdf for the conflict cards?

Hi, I’ve been trying to locate them on my dropbox but I believe they’re stuck on a dead harddrive.