Pitched Battle - a Duel of Wits hack for warfare and mass combat

Here’s the link: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/loke-seraaron/a/pitched-battle-article

Now a brief explanation:

This started off as a hack of the simpler Torchbearer conflict type (Attack / Defend / Manoeuvre / Feint), but it quickly turned into a DoW hack once I remembered that Burning Sands did something similar but didn’t fully commit with it’s Propaganda War system.

I realised that directing troops and the like could quite easily be analogous to the points, feints, and obfuscations thrown about in a debate hall. So I got to work on the conversion, and I’ve had some feedback from play-testers that it works quite well!

That said, because using this system requires a very specific set-up (you need an army, for one, for example, and these rules offer no advice on how to actually get that) it’s use will probably be quite rare, and definitely won’t be usable by everyone in every game; but it’s here now. I think it’s conceptually sound anyway.

Let me know what you think, or ask questions below.


I like this. I have read this last night and it actually captures what I want with mass combat really well. I’ll post my feedback when I have the time to play this one out.

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