Pitching Freemarket

I was bumbling around my FLGS and spotted a boxed set of Freemarket, so I snapped it up. The bunch I play with have experience with all the BWHQ games, and I intend to add Freemarket to the list, but I’d like some pointers on how to pitch it. It’s definitely not your typical game!


Eric H.

I’ve found the Excramax AP … it’s awesome and will sell this game to my group.

Eric H.

It’s upbeat, weird, transhumanism.

The novel system and world means the first session will be puzzling and probably a bit slow as you get all the pieces in order—tech, memories, geneline, etc. Second session will be more focused. Third session will hum right along.

So try to get them to commit to 2-4 sessions of it. It’s the best way to see the game.

Good luck!

Thanks Luke. I’ve got 3 people interested with a 4th on the fence for 4 sessions. Hoping to start in a couple of weeks.