Planetary web available on the Wiki?

Hi guys,
I’ve noticed that the planetary web on page 615 isn’t yet available on the Wiki. Has there been a change of plan or will it be an upcoming PDF. Don’t want to hassle you, just wondering where in the queue it may be.

d’oh! You’re right. I’m pretty sure it’s just an oversight. Luke has the file and I’m sure he’ll upload it as soon as he sees this.

I kind of thought that may have been the case. Just had a lingering worry that the whole PW had been “discredited” “denounced” and taken away round the back and shot. Hence the lack of chatter on the subject. I’ll wait patiently over here in the corner for the file.

I knocked a quick and dirty version of the planetary web up as a PDF for my group this week.

It’s on my website as a download. Not quite as pretty as the one in the book though, but I was in a rush.



I had to change two of the “faction” boxes to indicate Predominant Military and Primary Export, but besides that, it’s functionally identical to the one depicted in the book, and perfectly functional in its own right.

Thanks a lot!

Very very useful. I downloaded it and I am using it for my current game.

Missed that - I’ll correct it and repost it when I get a minute.


Excellent. Thanks for that.