Play Aids: Game Board, Lighting Trackers, Conflict and Weapon Cards

I know the team is working on some cards for this game already, but here’s what I made for my game in the meanwhile. The cards can be printed on cardstock and put in standard card game protector sleeves. The game board/turn tracker and lighting condition trackers could be mounted on some heavier chipboard. I’m just having players use little counters or minis to represent their character… light trackers get placed on the gameboard along with the counters representing who’s in full and dim light. When the turn progresses past the light tracker, it is removed or if it’s relit, it’s pushed forward on the grid. Hopefully it’s pretty self explanatory.

If this kind of resource isn’t allowed to be posted please remove this. Just sharing my DIY play aid, but definitely don’t want to decrease demand for the official play resources.

lizlarsen_torchbearer_playaids.pdf (1020 KB)

Very nice!

The light tracker style is giving me a ridiculous, retro, 70s-candybar, grade-school-handout feel that I can’t even explain, but I love it. :slight_smile:

I’m definitely going to use this!

Here’s a shot of them printed out! The cards came out undersized due to my printing settings (watch for that) but in the sleeves they’re fine. Still want to mount the gameboard and lighting trackers on chipboard to make sturdier pieces.

Thanks so much for these! They are exactly what I was looking for. I wanted an easier way to track light sources.