player count for FreeMarket?

Dear Freemers!

Is there recommended player count?
Personal preferences?
How it plays 1-on-1?

Thank you,

I always preferred a full table of 4 Users and a Superuser. I think 1-on-1 play would be difficult, as you’d never get to engage in group challenges, which could keep you really Flow-poor.

Right, max four users and one superuser.

One on one works fine, but you miss out on group challenges which are where the money’s at!

Hey Martin,

I ran two sessions of a one-on-one game and they went well. The challenges were concise and I enjoyed focusing on a single character’s memories. Like with many of Luke’s games, however, three or four players would make for a well-balanced play experience.


And thank you for session report.

My pleasure, Martin. Glad you enjoyed it, and it’s great to see some FreeMarket chatter in the forum.

We had up to five players but we got around it by keeping group challenges at max four. There’s a disadvantage in including too many players in challenges because the weakest links will be forced to fold first and end the challenge prematurely.

It’s almost like we tried five players in playtests.

Follow the rules and nobody gets hurt.