Player hates PC after a few maneuvers, burn up a new one?

(Volper) #1

Our group has only played through two maneuvers but it’s looking like one of the players is struggling with their PC. I don’t think it’s a matter of just cleaning up his Beliefs/Instincts. The player is a bigger fan of the other characters/GMFoNs/etc. and feels like they didn’t burn up a PC that helps them get into the game.

Considering that we’re still early in the phase, would burning up a brand new PC be ok? Seems like it would if the GM is ok with the extra homework of fitting them in, and making sure the relationships with NPCs are sorted out.

Has anyone dealt with something like this before in Burning Empires? In Burning Wheel?

(Moxiethe4th) #2

I think it could work out alright, but you would be saving yourself awkwardness and a ton of hassle just by talking to said player and tweaking the numbers and BITs until he gets what the really wants a apposed to starting anew.

If you can, more detail on the exact issues the player is having with his character would be helpful.

(Colin Booth) #3

Re-burn, it won’t kill anything, especially if it’s early in the game. Ideally they’ll keep the core concept the same so that people don’t have to adjust their relationship maps too much, but again, it isn’t the end of the world. Number tweeks don’t really help in BW/BE unless it’s changing where you stuck your general points, so it’ll probably involve re-picking a lifepath or two, and some traits. And at that point, re-doing the character with the same general concept from the ground up is definitely the better way to go.