Player Turn Suggestions

In the spirit of sharing, I have pulled out the Player’s Turn Suggestions from my demo missions to create a separate document.

I’m sharing it here.

I welcome additional suggestions to make this list more comprehensive and creative.

For new groups, having suggestions of how to use a check during the Player’s Turn can really help them create a long-lasting campaign; when players are investing in more than just recovery during the Player’s Turn, it gives them a more engaging payoff. When players see how much authority in the narrative they can have in the Player’s Turn, they’ll improve the adventure; this will also encourage players to earn checks during the session.

Some more suggestions:
Recover from a condition
Complete a mission that failed or was left incomplete in the GM’s Turn (e.g., retrieve the letters stolen by the raven)
Fix something that went south during the GM’s Turn (e.g., rebuild the buildings destroyed by the snapping turtle)
Follow up on a lead generated during the GM’s Turn (e.g., track the weasels to discover whether they were part of a larger force)
Take on a personal mission (e.g., help Martin retrieve his rocking chair from the fallen towns)
Court a special boymouse/ladymouse
Write a report for Gwendolyn
Find a gift for a friend
Pursue a vendetta against an enemy
Throw a party
Find/Buy/Make supplies for a skill
Play a Belief that didn’t get played during the GM’s Turn
Complete a Goal that didn’t get completed during the GM’s Turn
Play an Instinct that didn’t get played during the GM’s Turn

I have written a short paragraph and included several of the above suggestions. I will continue to write for the remaining suggestions and include those in the document.

Check out the new additions using the link from original post.