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I’m about to run my first game of torchbearer and I exclusively play RPG:s online, mostly using Roll20. I feel like the player’s deck would be extremely helpful for this, but I can’t find a digital version. Have they only been sold physically? Are there any fan made digital versions out there?

Player’s deck is oddly less useful than you would think on R20. I played around with handing out the condition cards and it’s a drag.

The new R20 character sheet we’re working on will obviate the need for a lot of cards. It’ll just factor your conditions into your skills and abilities.


I’m running a game on R20 (our first TB game!) and haven’t found a need for the player cards in the online format. I think they would be helpful if each player had their own deck so they could put relevant cards in front of them on the table, but we have too much else going on in R20 and the cards are too dense a format for us online.

I did take photos of the four combat actions and the card backs and used those to create a mini conflict deck. This way the conflict captain and I can deal out our actions each volley in secret and then reveal them just as we would at the table. We use a simple background that I put together in Gimp with room to drop the conflict cards and a token for the associated character for each action in a volley. We use the “status bar” above each token to track remaining disposition and R20 text fields on the background to keep track of conflict type, what’s at stake, and starting disposition for each side. It has worked well so far. :smiley:

I agree that action decks would be great. Working on that!


We use Google Sheets for the bulk of our game.

Item and condition cards are more or less integrated into each player’s character sheet tab, and conflict/action cards are built into a shared “Adventure” tab.


Very cool, Nytmare! Is the template something you can share?

@luke It has 2nd edition playtest stuff built in to it? Do you mind if I share a copy with people?

Please share privately.

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