Players turn - Sneaking off - Who's the initiator?

I’ve got a goal to sneak off with the tenderpaw and help her scout for weasels.

I’ve spent my first check to initiate an argument with the tenderpaw to talk her into coming with me.

But what if another member of the patrol wants to follow? Would they need to spend a check to scout me out? Or would I need to spend another to sneak off unnoticed? I earned a mighty 3 checks to everybody else’s 1 check. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that I’d probably be the initiator. That way if the other patrol guard caught up to me then they’d be able to spend a check to oppose me too.

My first instinct is to say it’s up to the other player to spend a check if they want to catch you/follow along.

Going off to scout the weasels means you’ll be rolling against said weasels. Unless you make your intent more about getting away unnoticed, then you’d be rolling against the other player.

I see it going something like this:
“Okay, I’m going off to scout the weasels. I’ll spend a check.”

If the player speaks up “Hey, I don’t want him going off. I want to follow or notice him going off.”
GM: “You’ll have to spend a check to be able to test and catch him.”

No checks are necessary unless you’re rolling dice.

So if you run off and I try to follow, you have to spend a check to test to shake me.

Honestly, why waste the check sneaking away? What’s the harm in letting them follow? If there’s actually a confrontation, then spend a check on it.

Right. I guess it makes sense for the person doing the hiding to have to initiate the test. But it doesn’t have to be a test at all unless the one sneaking wants it to be.

I’m playing a really pushy guy who’s been totally humiliated through every step of the GM’s turn. So I reckon that everyone can see my plan is… unwise.