Player's Turn Suggestions: Request for Editing

I have reached a point in my writing of Player’s Turn Suggestions (link) at which I invite editing comments from the community. Please view and feel free to make comments using the comment feature available through Google docs.

This is beautiful. I think you’ve encapsulated every PT I’ve seen except these two:

Complete the mission! This is close to “Complete the Goal”, but it’s worth saying. Sometimes you don’t complete the mission during the GMT. Spend checks in the PT to try another way around.

Have It Out With Your Patrolmates: Sometimes grievances must be aired, sometimes tender paws need to be put in their place, sometimes patrol leaders need to be shaken up. Use the PT to instigate a conflict with your patrol mates and fight for what you believe!

Both of those sort of fall into Beliefs and Goals, but if you’re calling out specific activities in the headings, those were two popular choices in my groups.