Players with multiple characters

My players love making characters. They have each created several characters and love them all for different reasons. They’ve played them all at various times and each character has a well-developed personality and history. However, as the GM, I find it difficult to keep the missions/seasons/Winter sessions straight with all the jumping around we are doing. I’d like some advice.

Should I tell the players to pick their favorite character and stick to it?

Should I tell the players to arrange their several characters in patrols and the patrols stay that way for an entire year, changing only during Winter session (so that the same characters are playing together and have the same mission histories)? Then they can change if they want. That’s my preference. However, if we lean toward playing one patrol more often, their winter session will not line up. Therefore, they will not be able to swap out mice in their patrols during winter session.

Any other creative suggestions would be welcome :slight_smile: I’m pretty flexible on making creative excuses for why things happen.

Can’t you just switch it up during winter session and assume the other patrols come in to Lockhaven after their year adventuring? Do you really need the patrols’ sessions to line up?

That’s kind of what we do now. They play whoever they want and I pick up (season-wise) wherever that patrol last was. Eventually, the most played patrol gets to Winter session and the next time we play the less played patrol we just make up what they did in winter session. We could also just switch out then. But, its all this bouncing back and forth that bugs me. Oh well. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest having a rotational GM role; when the GM rotates–probably as Spring missions begin–then the patrol roster can shuffle. What this encourages is that each GM gets to have a consistent patrol roster, but also players get to trade turns using characters.