Playing Mouse Guard with children

I recieved the Mouse Guard Second Edition boxed set for christmas, and I thought perhaps this could be a good opportunity to introduce my kids to roleplaying games.
My kids are 11 and 13, and we have briefly played a session of D&D 5th edition. D&D isn’t really my game, though, and I felt I didn’t know the rules well enough. I’m a huge fan of Burning Wheel, though, and I own and have read the first edition of Mouse Guard (though I have to admit I have only played BW briefly on a few occasions, and it’s been years since I read Mouse Guard).

Now that I own the beautiful boxed set, I figured I could try to introduce my children to gaming with a game I will actually enjoy running for them.

So, what are your experiences with running roleplaying games for children, Mouse Guard specifically?

We are not natuve english speakers, by the way, we are Norwegian. Though I’m fluent in English and my children have gotten very proficient at the language in the last couple of years, to the point of watching movies in english with english subtitles.

My children (4 and 6 years old) and I have been reading the Mouse Guard series in preparation for roleplaying. I realize that they are young for RPG’s, but we’ve been working through some campaigns in Hero Kids and a slimmed-down version of DnD 5th Ed. I’m currently reading through the MG rulebook, and hope to start a campaign in the near future. I’d appreciate any advice that I can get! Thanks!

I’ve been running Mouse Guard for a small group of players, including my nine year old son. While he has read the comics, and has a good idea of the setting, this was his first experience with roleplaying games. Over the course of the campaign I introduced more and more of the rules so as not to overwhelm the players right from the start, but I was surprised at how well he took to it all. Now he points out rules and Wise uses that I sometimes forget!

The only problem I’ve found so far, which should be interesting to see how and when this changes, is that he seems to think that any and all problems can be solved with violence or force. His character reflects this though, but after acquiring some unfavorable conditions and seeing how he is starting to cause some inner friction with the patrol, I wouldn’t be surprised to see both his mindset and his mouse begin to change.