Playing OMAC with less than four PCs

I’m about to GM the OMAC demo scenario in 2 weeks. However I’m almost sure that all 4 players won’t make it and we’ll end up playing with only 3 PCs. So which one of the four pre-gen’ character should we leave out ?

I was thinking of setting aside General Leaf: I feel that Julius Arnot, Fazia Grizzly and Jack the Spiv are really required to make things go round. Julius is torn between duty and family, Fazzia Grizzly is the heart and soul of the Kerrn colony (and he’s the only one who has all the skills for a groundbreaking DoW) and Jack is involved with all factions thusright in the middle of the dramatic situation: his choices will furisouly bend the story one way or the other.

If I make General Leaf a NPC, I would have to change Warden Danica tied Belief (and direct it towards Julius) and maybe start the scenario BEFORE the general is freed from jail. The PCs know that they cannot face the bound forces of their foes alone, they need that famous military leader out of his cell and presto.

What do you think ? Have you played omac “understaffed” ? And what if I only get 2 players ?


That could work.

On the flip side, Grizzly is the only one who can’t really participate in a firefight. So if you have three martial players, drop Grizzly and go with Leaf and let them fight their why to freedom.

but I was planning to use Omac as a demo, and I’d manage to toss in both a Firefight and a Duel of Wits. In this case, Fazzia Grizzly is more than a good candidate. And alos I feel that Grizzly IS Omac in his flesh and his mind: anarcho-survivor.

I think I’ll propose the 4 characters to my players, pointing out that Julius and Jack are mandatory, then explain the pros and cons for the 2 Kerrn PC and let the players decide.

thx Luke !

Wo-hooo ! It seems I’ll get my 4 players tomorrow. Full House: Omac will burn on Saturday night ! I’ll tell you how it went.
But now, Luke, once I will have Omac finished, I’ll need Mercy. You know what to do… :wink:

Finally, we played Omac with 4 players…

… and it just ROCKED. 8 hours of play, lots of nice scenes initiated by the players and a furious FF as the last scene with a last tense moment: The Baron standing defeated in front of the Kerrn hidden base, surrounded by the 4 PCs. But he did not beg for mercy: he told Cpt Marcin to target the Space Station with his Hammer batteries then asked politely if he could go back to his shuttle. With all those innocent people, the Lord Stewart and Marius Arnot in the station, the players could do nothing but let him go. They grinned their teeth and promised to see him soon.

I love Baron’s 1st Instinct.

Now, I know that Omac could be played over and over, the story would be so different: hitting the various keys of the Vaylen FoN can lead to anything. And when the players also act on their own.

Luke, I hate you; I’ll never be able to play “normal” RPGs again.

Wonderful, Udo, and great to hear. Welcome to the revolution :slight_smile:

I’ve run Omac four times now, mostly as convention demos, and it always soars. I don’t want to play it anymore, though, I want to PLAY THE REAL THING.

I’m a veteran of BW and MG but never got the guts to run a BE by the book. That was not that hard, mainly beacause the players bought in big time and drove the story very nicely.
Two of my regular players now ask for more: one nicely crafted BE campaign in September. Maybe we’ll try a fancy BE/Dune cross-over (using Jihad as support): a Noble house facing a Feydakin infiltration. Not Vaylen. Unless…

BE by the book starts out tough but then you realize that it’s a stern but loving game. It’s a game that’ll make a man out of you.