Playing online via Roll20

Hi all I am going to experiment tonight with playing mouse guard on roll20. I am not really using it for its maps and tokens as much as its dice rolling and photo sharing. It also has a setting for making custom decks and I already mad a few action decks and a condition deck so that i can still deal out the cards like i do in real life.

I am having some issues with character sheets online, since I cant find a good pdf one that can be filled and saved, modified and used as the game sheet for the whole game. I found this one but it wont let me save the sheets I make so it will have to be re-filled out each time so its really not going to be helpful for a fully online RPG. I was wondering does anyone have a good PDF fill-able sheet that I can use online, it must be able to be saved and modified.

As for the site it is awesome, is a great web page, I have played a few pathfinder games and if you are a player who likes maps and tokens to move around it really has a good support for that. for me I am using it to show artwork of where my guys are and like I said dice rolling and card tracking for everyone.

Well I will let you know how it goes tonight hopfully well!

I don’t use a PDF, I use a Google Docs spreadsheet. Each player has their own tab, and there’s a GM’s tab at the front that consolidates their BITs. Mine is for BW, but with a bit of sawing and cutting you’d have a MG version in no time.

That spreadsheet is hot. I’m totally stealing it for all my G+ BW games.