Playing Realm Guard at Gencon 09

Two plays were done. The first according to the rules felt less heroic than I see the Rangers. I bumped up the Traits to level 2 the second time and everything clicked better (just had to be careful with the scale of adversaries).

Grouping orcs so they were seeing them fall as they worked through a conflict helped there confidence and fit the genre. The last challenge with a sorcerer, 2 trolls, and 20 orcs encouraged smart planning, quick thinking and left them with the feeling they needed to get back to Elessar fast to let him know about it.

Also, the tokens of power rules in play don’t do a lot more than regular items unless I’m missing something. Are those benefits on top of whatever the item could do otherwise.

I’ll have to spend time finding them again but there are a few typos in the main text. I also think the second character in the scenario in the back is not created according to the rules (he was missing some skills I think). I created on extra character (a Scout to go with them).

Lastly, I gave advantages to other items like we discussed based on what the weapons could do. This worked out very well. I especially liked the hunting dog one had (he also had some Loremaster and Animal Training to work with it) that helped with Hunting, and in a couple of actions with Maneuvers.

Yeah, Tokens of Power (weapons) have the ‘trait’ bonuses on top of the specific weapon bonuses.

If you find the typos, let me know! I’m always on the lookout. I’ll double-check the second character, but I created all the characters via Recruiting. Easily could have made a mistake, though.

How did people feel about the setting and the MG rules?