Poisonous Platitudes

I love this skill and all it implies and entails (and that it’s rooted in Hatred). However, it can be tough to improv sometimes. Anyone have any suggested examples from media to get the juices flowing? My go-to’s are usually Black Adder or Tyrion from GoT.

I tend to think of someone like Wormtongue from LOTR

Samurai-era courtiers seem almost the opposite of Orcs, but I see a strong parallel in the way they twist language, so Shogun (the book more than the television series) or some classic Japanese dramas.

Also, the BBC version of Francis Urquhart from House of Cards definitely does it, as do characters from other classic British political dramas.


Also, skekses in the dark crystal might occasionally use this skill in the precuel series.
Edit: specially the chamberlain.

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Oh yeah good call. I need to finish watching the new series.

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