Pokemon Hack

I’m working on a Pokemon Adaptation of Mouse Guard. BUT I’m stuck on what a Pokemon Trainers Nature should represent. “Catching Pokemon” seems a little broad in terms of how often it would come into play.,

As to the little monsters I’m thinking of using Pokemon Cards as the base with the following convention.

Nature = HP /10 (this gives a range from 3 to a 20) though mostly on the lower end.

Traits Based on Type, Weakness and Resistance

Weapons based on Attacks. Though this will take some doing such as working out which action each attack should be activated on, and what the Range should be. Attack strength would allow a successful attack to reduce the opponents disposition by an extra amount perhaps 1 additional point for every 40 points of attack strength.

Based on the card game the following additional conditions will need to be added. Unlike other conditions these only apply during a conflict and are imposed as soon as the related attack has succeeded.

Asleep: no actions for the rest of the volley, and make a Ob 2 Nature check to wake up between volleys.

Poisoned: -1d to all actions for the rest of the Volley and then make an Ob 3 Nature check to recover between volleys.

As a special rule the Trainer in a Pokemon battle can always help his or her Pokemon (this gives trained Pokemon an advantage). Also only the Pokemon is ever made sick or Injured by a battle, though the trainer can be made Hungry and thirsty, tired or Angry.

Evolution: the Pokemon can evolve when its Nature has reached the level needed by the next Card in the evolution sequence. At which point its attack change to the attacks that card.