Positions and Disposition Value?

In the rulebook the following statement is made:

“The temporary position value is lost if the team uses an Advance, Flank or Withdraw. It is also lost if the unit’s disposition is reduced by the position’s value.”

So if the current disposition of my unit is 6 and I occupy a 2P position my new disposition is now 8. Based on the last sentence above if my unit loses 2 disposition points the temporary position value is also lost.

  1. Does this mean that if I now advance from this position my new dispositon is now 4 (-2 for the disposition lost from unit and -2 from the lost of the position’s temporary disposition value)?

  2. This may be answered by question 1 but if I stayed in the position after loosing 2 disposition points from my unit what would my dispositon be 6 or 4?



The way I read it is as follows, the “disposition bonus” of the cover is reduced every time you take a disposition hit, and your fireteam only starts losing disposition after the buffer provided by your cover is removed. Moving out from under cover simply removes any remaining bonus that you are still receiving. For instance, if you are occupying our hypothetical 2P position, get shot at and your fireteam loses a point of disposition, if you Flank from that cover you will lose the other point that the cover was granting. This interpretation does mean that you could presumably take two points of disposition loss from non-cover damaging actions, Flank from cover, advance back into cover, and regain those two temporary points, but I feel that using two actions in a maneuver to protect two disposition is equivalent to throwing those actions away so it isn’t so bad.

Thanks for the response. I have another related question based on your response.

If my unit looses 1 disposition point in a position and then I leave that position is it still a 2P for any other unit that occupies it or is it now a 1P position?


The position value is only changed if a Demolition specialist action is successfully performed. Then the position no longer exists to provide mechanical bonuses.

Thank you both for your answers, I believe that I understand it now.