Potential Miniature for MG on Kickstarter

There is a new kickstarter for a wargame called (Torn Armor) that features assorted humanoid animals as one of the factions. Specifically one type of those called “Mu” which will be about 20mm would probably be a good conversion base for Mouse Guard figures, and are available seperately from the main game in groups of 7. One of the stretch goals also has some cloaked rat warriors that would probably be usable with a bit of tinkering to the head…

I can also recommend MICE AND MYSTICS for their excellent minis. Also, there are metallic MOUSELINGS available for painting. I have both sets. They’re all excellent.

Reaper minis makes some awesome mice, but perhaps a little green stuff sculpting on the ears is in order:



Be warned, some of the stuff on their site is of a more “adult” nature.

The Mouselings in particular struck me as being very Mouse Guard-y.

What do people use minis for, though?

As a minis lover, I like these minis. But I also do wonder how they would actually be used in MG? Without any mechanical purpose, I think miniatures would just lead to distraction (“Well, this is my guy, except his coat is blue and he doesn’t wear a hood, and his pants are plaid not pink, oh, and his fur is grey, not brown.”).