Potions ans level requierments

Does the level indicated for potions is to make them or to use them? What happen if a level 1 character drinks a level 2 potion?

He gains the dead condition twice.

Sorry, let me try to actually answer this. And also not read the word “potion” as “poison” (for which my answer was still wrong, but verging on humorous).

I believe that the level of the potion is more tied to how likely it is to acquire as loot (see the table on p. 146). As far as I can tell, potions will work on characters of any level, as well as NPCs and probably monsters.

Making potions is covered under the Alchemist skill on p. 136. Using them is simply a matter of drinking a draught of the potion (p. 147).

As i tought! Thanks for the aswer.